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Nishabd is a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer dog rescue organization dedicated to helping sick and wounded furry friends on the street. At Nishabd it provides a safe haven for injured and wounded dogs where they can recuperate from their illnesses and go back to living a happy and healthy life. They have a range of quality medical care services available, including X-rays, medical tests, surgeries, vaccinations, animal ambulance, etc.


Ramagya Foundation

We Are A Non-Profit Organization That Supports Good Causes And Positive Changes All Over The World. Ramagya Foundation works on sustainable improvement, peace, and righteousness towards the actualization of social commitments to unleash and nurture talent. Ramagya Foundation works diligently for Education, Health, Sports Education, Skilling, Women Empowerment, and Animal welfare. The foundation is committed to imparting values and enhancing living standards through our uniquely curated programs to contribute towards the development of an educated society.



Save Nishabd is India's first crowdfunding platform for dogs. It raises funds for food, shelter, and medical treatments for stray dogs. It is a revolutionary one-stop place where animal lovers can make their voices heard and get fellow animal lovers to donate, so no animal is left unattended because of a lack of funds.