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Our Verticals


Ramagya Sports Academy

An integral part of the group, Ramagya Sports Academy has been serving excellence since 2009. One of the best serving sports academies offering international facilities in up to 35 sports.It has earned a high reputation and utmost popularity for being the best equipped sports academy that offers international facilities in the most congenial atmosphere. Once you enter the sports academy you will experience the latest in group fitness programming and innovating fitness equipment and genuine support of our certified staff.


The Great Sportz

The Great Sportz is a first-class and top of the line sports academy that renders to all sports genres. One of its kind, the Great Sportz was established in 2016. The primary agenda of The Great Sportz is “everyone has a sportsperson hidden inside them, recognize it, and value it.” We intend to educate the world about a wide range of sports that not only fulfill your dreams and aspirations but also contribute towards the upliftment of society.


Ramagya Theater Lab

Art allows you to take a deep dip inside you, precisely the place, from where the holistic development of a human devises. It is a small that teaches you not just a craft, but dedication, holiness, appreciation, and self-love. It may seem an external expression. However, it is an internal practice of the mind that requires deliberate diligence. Championed by Ramagya Group, the initiative is synthesized, designed, and developed by Mr. Gyanendra Singh One of the most eminent theatre practitioners in India today.


Citizen Post

The citizen post is an online and offline newspaper company of the Ramagya Group which is distributed all over Delhi NCR. It includes all news verticals education, sports, fashion, health, lifestyle, entertainment and much more. Get the most authentic and reliable updates on daily happenings in the Citizen Post. Apart from this, the newspaper also highlights the performances and achievements of students from diverse backgrounds.



PlayHouse by Ramagya is ready to break the myths about play zones not having engaging activities for the age group of 12 months to 8 years. PlayHouse provides a soft play area for toddlers and kids to play freely. This zone is uniquely designed with exciting and fun-filled activities for your little one to have their best time. Games like a ball pool, swings, wall climbing, activities, and many more are introduced for the kids allowing them to actively play & develop gaming skills and learning skills alongside.


The Learning Studio

At Learning Studio, we understand the importance of nurturing a child overall development. We offer activities that promote physical, emotional and cognitive growth. We provide children with a wide range of activities and opportunities to develop important skills while having a great time. A fun and safe space for kids to explore, learn, and grow!